Supplier, Buyer or Both user type need to edit their user profile to do so please sign in or sign up  first then click here and follow the step by step mention below.

User Profile

●        User profile contains details as follows-

○        Enter First name

○        Enter Last name

○        User Profile Picture – You need to click on upload image box to upload image

○        User ID - Unique user id will get generated for each registered user of website

○        User Gender - Male/Female

○        User Address-

■         Address Line 1

■         Address Line 2

■         Zip Code

■         City, State and Country - Type keywords to get suggestions and proceed.

○        Contact number – Enter your country calling code in the first box.

○        About me description

○        Edit Profile - By clicking on this option, user will be able to edit his/her personal profile. User will be able to edit details as follows-

■         First name*

■         Last name*

■         User profile picture*

■         User Gender* - Male/Female

■         User Address*-

●        Address Line 1

●        Address Line 2

●        Zip Code

●        Country, State and City - User needs to enter search keywords. User will get auto suggestions based on entered keywords and by clicking on it, location will get selected.

■         Contact number

■         About me description*

■         Edit/Cancel - By clicking on Edit option, user will be able to edit details and by clicking on Cancel option, user won’t be able to edit details

Remarks: - Fields marked as * are mandatory fields for user to edit his/her profile.